Gala dinner & gala event

Celebrate high-level sumptuous gala events at Bolle Meierei in Berlin

Key Facts


Historic location with modern infrastructure

Central location directly at the main railway station with good connections to Tegel Airport

Location, hotel and catering under one roof

Various overnight accommodations in the 4-5 star segment

No compulsory catering and technical partners

Individual advice concerning events of the highest quality

Milk bar, roof terrace as exclusive highlights for high-end events

Strong network of partners

Quiet location upon the Spree river with own jetty

Own yacht for 20 persons

Industrial ambience

Exciting entrepreneurial history around Carl Bolle and his dairy business

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What distinguishes Bolle Meierei as a venue?

The atmosphere in particular has always made Bolle Meierei what it is. An extraordinary place where nostalgic industrial charm of the Gründerzeit and the history of an early Berlin entrepreneur meet with modern and stylish elements. The traditional stone wall chapel and the light-flooded ballroom make every event an unforgettable experience. Because everyone who enters the premises is amazed and immediately feels at home. However, there are many other points besides the ambience that distinguish Bolle Meierei as a unique venue for events. Noteworthy is the central location in the heart of Berlin, hotel accommodation available directly next door, the support and advice of our service staff as well as large partner network for everything a gala dinner or event needs.

In which rooms can a gala dinner take place?

Bolle Meierei can accommodate up to 750 guests for a gala dinner by combining the chapel and the ballroom. Both rooms are of similar size (720 and 800 sqm) and offer space for a similar number of people. One floor above the two halls is a milk bar, which is ideal as a lounge, rest area or a VIP zone. Above the milk bar there is a large roof terrace with an unobstructed view of the greenery of Berlin. Located on the 1st  floor, the Kontor Foyer is also suitable for reception of guests or as a cloakroom and for accreditation. There are further small rooms available for the organisers or as a production office.

Map: "Event spaces"


Room Reception Theatre Classroom Panel Banquet Mixed Area (m²)
Kapelle 600 650 480 500 400 400 720
Festsaal 500 400 300 510 400 500 800
Kontorfoyer 80 50 30 165
Kontorräume 16 3×23
Milchbar 40 30 66
Dachterrasse 70 50 120

Bolle Meierei is only five minutes away by car from Berlin’s main railway station and can be easily reached by public transport. Using public transport is recommended. The “Bellevue” suburban train station, the “Turmstraße” subway station as well as the “Turmstraße” and “Kleiner Tiergarten” bus stops are only a few minutes’ walk away from the location. If the guests arrive by car, the underground garages in Spree-Bogen and at the main station are recommended. Up to 50 parking spaces can be reserved in Spree-Bogen. It is also possible to arrange stopping bans in front of the front door so that buses can stop and guests can be dropped off.

Further general information concerning gala dinners

What makes a gala dinner unique and why is Bolle Meierei the best choice?

Splendour and glamour, elegant and stylish dressing rooms, a festive banquet with excellent food and drink, perfect and courteous service and an entertaining supporting programme – this is what gala dinners and gala events stand for. For most guests it is an event that they will not experience for a second time soon. It is something very special – and therefore requires an equally special location.

How about extraordinary spaces that tell a story of a historical entrepreneur while combining a warm industrial ambience with modern elements? The festival halls of Bolle Meierei offer the perfect setting for gala events, dinners and banquets for any occasion.

For a few hours guests can experience a gala event that will enchant them and remain in their memory. With a noble menu of three to four courses, a buffet or even live stations. Bolle’s chefs create tender and noble dishes, which are a pleasure for the palate and meet the most sophisticated wishes. From exquisite starters to delicious and sinfully sweet dessert. And our partner hotel directly next door offers hotel rooms in which the guests can “cool down” after all the special experiences.

A gala dinner can take place in diverse variations

When you hear the term “gala dinner”, the first thing you think of is a group of formally dressed women and men served champagne from an ice bucket and caviar canapés. But it doesn’t have to be that elitist to deserve to be called a gala dinner. A gala is basically an event because of a festive occasion with sophisticated outfits in stylish surroundings, which usually takes place in the evening. In the case of a gala dinner these aspects are combined with refined culinary delights and good wines at a beautiful banquet. In between there is one or two items from the entertainment programme. But nothing is fixed or compulsory – you have full command over your individual gala dinner.

You can, for instance, focus purely on the dinner with cultural entertainment and traditional elements, or the gala dinner could be integrated into a show with actors who perform an exciting thriller play and involve the guests. The dinner could also be accompanied by an unusual musical or comedy show or be inspired by a certain motto. Imagine an evening with many details reminiscent of the nostalgic 1920s. Including a jazz pianist who fills the location with beautiful melodies during the meal.

Any company or organisation can organise an event in the form of a dinner for its employees, members and other guests such as customers. Due to the effort involved, however, it can only be recommended for larger companies and organisations, which can expect many guests. A gala is perfect for two reasons. On the one hand, it is the ultimate experience for employees who are happy that the company values them and “gives them something back”. On the other hand, the choice of the event reflects the style of the company and strengthens its corporate identity. Initially within the company, with the right image being projected outside.

The aim of a gala is an excellent arrangement of the dinner itself and the general programme items.

Obviously, a gala dinner concentrates mainly on various culinary delights (food and wines). They are the clear focal point of the event – potentially together with planned show elements. However, general programme items should not be neglected. Every dinner should start with a friendly reception with a glass of champagne. Speeches and presentations can also be held and employees and individual guests can be officially honoured. Depending on the occasion, these general programme items should be kept rather short. The guests will surely be especially looking forward to the food and nice get-togethers.

In this sense, it generates a nice effect if the pre-programme part takes place in rooms other than the dining room and the doors to the actual event location are only opened after the programme has ended. Therefore we recommend our guests to hold the pre-program in the foyer, on the roof terrace or in the pretty milk bar. The amazement afterwards is great – when the guests are let into the illuminated and decorated chapel as well as the ballroom.

An outstanding dinner requires an outstanding organisation and location.

Strictly speaking, every event needs to be well organised so that it runs smoothly and leaves fond memories. In the case of a gala dinner, however, the organisation is more extensive, as considerably more details than at any other event have to be taken into account. It is no longer just about basic organisational issues and programme points. There are many small details that go as far as the design of the menus. We, at Bolle Meierei, support the organiser with our experience and expertise. In addition, we offer you access to our extensive partner network, which covers all possible aspects of an exclusive gala event. We take care of all meals and drinks, overnight accommodations, appropriate furniture, solutions regarding the necessary event technology as well as attractive flower decorations. An excellently trained and friendly hostess and service staff is also available.

All that remains for the company’s internal gala organisers are the general essential points of organisation:


When should a gala dinner take place?

Ideally, there will still be sufficient time for the corresponding planning phase. The dinner should not take place when many people go on holiday. Otherwise many invitations could not be accepted.

How many guests are expected?

Ideally, guests should register bindingly in order to be able to calculate the amount of food and drinks. Also to find out what size the premises should be.

Where can a gala dinner take place?

Basically, an extraordinary location is needed so that the dinner can actually become an experience. Bolle Meierei offers everything an extraordinary location needs as well as space for events with between 150 and 800 guests.



Do you want artists to perform?

If a performance by artists is planned during the dinner, they must be booked well in advance. Please note that the show interlude should fit to the rest of the setup and that artists may have specifications or requirements to be fulfilled. Speakers for lectures and presentations in general are more or less a taboo at gala events. After all, it is an experience – a dinner and not a training event.

Who is vegetarian or vegan?

Ideally, vegetarian and vegan diets will already be requested when guests register, so that the catering team can prepare for them a multi-course menu. Completely vegan gala dinners are also conceivable.