Key facts

  • Historic location with modern infrastructure
  • Central location directly at the main railway station
  • Location, hotel and catering under one roof
  • A wide array of opportunities for organizing a meeting and finding accommodation
  • No compulsory catering and technical partners
  • Individual advice concerning events of the highest quality
  • Ideally suited for events from 150 to 750 participants, smaller groups can be hosted in the hotel
  • Milk bar, roof terrace as exclusive highlights
  • Strong network of partners
  • Quiet location upon the Spree river with own jetty for guests arriving by ship
  • Own yacht for 20 persons
  • Industrial ambience filled with history of the Bolle dairy

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Important information

Room Reception Theatre Classroom Panel Banquet Mixed Area (m²)
Kapelle 600 650 480 500 400 400 720
Festsaal 500 400 300 510 400 500 800
Kontorfoyer 80 50 30 165
Kontorräume 16 3×23
Milchbar 40 30 66
Dachterrasse 70 50 120


Map: "Event spaces"

You and your meeting participants will find us directly in the centre of Berlin, only five minutes by car from the main train station. Travelling by public transport is recommended. The “Bellevue” suburban train station, the “Turmstraße” subway station as well as the “Turmstraße” and “Kleiner Tiergarten” bus stops are only a few minutes’ walk away from the location.

If the guests arrive by car, the underground garages in Spree-Bogen and at the main station are recommended. Up to 50 parking spaces can be reserved in Spree-Bogen and it is also possible to arrange stopping bans in front of the front door so that buses can stop to drop off the passengers.

How to organize an excellent meeting that will be fondly remembered?

By making your meeting a real event. An event that is characterized by much more than just free food and free drinks. With a program rich in entertainment rich but to the point. In an extraordinary and easily accessible location with comfortable chairs and courteous staff. These are the basic factors that determine the success or failure of a meeting. They ensure that all participants enjoy learning and sharing.
It is interesting to see how much the mood of a participant is influenced by the impression made while entering the location. What would it feel like to enter a generic-looking hall with the title page of the expected PowerPoint presentation already visible on the back wall? – And what does it feel like to walk through a large red curtain and enter a nostalgically elegant and majestically illuminated vault? – Everyone is amazed because they have not expected it. And whether you like it or not, at the latest when you are offered a welcome coffee, you are no longer only present, but immersed – in the premises of Bolle Meierei.

An excellent meeting is the result of an excellent organization.

Several organisers can be responsible for putting together an event that will impress everyone. A meeting should always be seen as an internal company project with a successful conclusion. Ultimately, the aim is to bind employees and all other stakeholders even more firmly to the company and to train and motivate them in such a way that the company can be even more successful.

And this only works if a holistic and functional meeting concept has been developed. It is necessary to consider how much the goal is worth in money terms. After that, a budget is to be determined which is to be made available to the organisers for the event. This is usually a per capita budget dependent on the number of participants. The higher it is, the more likely organisers are to be able to plan an event that stands out. It is independent of how many participants can actually be expected from the milieu of employees and colleagues or from the external surroundings of the company.

The organizing team – larger or smaller, according to the event expenditure – develops a concept which corresponds exactly to the sense and purpose of the event. Many, many small as well as large details count. Even those you do not even think about at first.

Effective research and follow-up:

In the end, it is important not only to plan and carry out the meeting in an optimum manner, but also to follow it up accordingly. In particular, to verify whether the budget was sufficient and whether it was used efficiently. For subsequent meetings and conferences, lessons learnt and conclusions can be collected. A thank-you note and a feedback survey are recommended. This way you can quickly and easily find out how the participants found the meeting and what could have gone better from their point of view. It also makes sense to store the contacts of the venue and those involved so that you can quickly approach them again in the future.

With all these thoughts and points, you will be able to organise a meeting that will be fondly remembered. As well as to organize meetings in the future that even surpass this.

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